stitched rutabagas and floating ships : sweet paul makerie 2017

hand stitched stitched rutabagas

The Sweet Paul Makerie is coming to Brooklyn!  And not even just Brooklyn but my neighborhood – a couple blocks from my place – so good. I’m offering 2 workshops-  ship building and  an intro to 3 dimensional sewing (a stitched rutabaga!).

The rutabaga is a good introduction to sculptural sewing and working with spheres ( there is a free sphere pattern here if you’d like to experiment). And they have a secret ingredient that makes them perch in kind of interesting and root-vegetabley way.

rutabaga sewing pattern


If you’d like to try the rutabaga get the sewing pattern here.

I taught a stitched botanical class in 2015 at the Philadelphia Makerie and had a marvelous time – it was a beautiful event in every way – every detail thoughtful and lovely –  so looking forward to the spring retreat.

hand stitched stitched rutabaga

hand stitched sails

hand stiched floating ship

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  1. Wonderful! Would love to come and make with you again 🙂

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