doll experiments from the workshop and tiny rag doll : print-edition

tiny rag doll print pattern

Briefly – as there is much to cover today – the very first print pattern is in the shop. I’ve turned the tiny rag doll sewing pattern into a 16 page hand illustrated booklet accompanied by three pattern sheets.

mr. socks on vacation

It’s the first day of fall – it doesn’t feel like it but it will by Sunday and I’m looking forward to it – it’s been an airless summer in NY.  I got an excellent dose of forest, air and space at The Squam Art Retreat and so did mr. socks.  I also came back with lots of creative energy –  I love watching people move through their process and  getting glimpses into their imaginations. I taught two experimenting with dolls workshops and was impressed by the willingness to truly experiment and try things – to pick up a thread and follow it. It certainly isn’t easy but can take you to interesting and unexpected places. I’m deeply grateful to everyone who participated for their willingness to be open and vulnerable – I loved being part of it.  I’ve shared many dolls below and some were still being worked on – I hope to show you those soon- good things were happening…..

enchanted fish

Sondra’s enchanted fish

cedric randolf moth

Autumn’s gentleman moth –
“my name is Cedric Randolf. i am a moth, I fought in the Boar War. i am quite wise and quite old. in one eye i have a cataract, with my other eye i see only goodness”

rabbit girl

Rabbit Girl (in process) by  Tricia


The moon – and all her phases…. by Jaime (fancy tiger crafts)


Vanessa’s Edwardian lady

(lots more photos after the jump)

sun worshipper

Bernice’s Sun Worshipper

squam dolls

From the top left – clockwise – Lisa’s folk fairy,Fiona’s tiny prince, Collen’s dancer and Margaret’s  lacey rag doll.

wood nymph

Kitty’s woolen forest nymph

forest dweller

Anna’s forest dweller – anna get’s a special creative bravery award for tackling drafting a pattern for a 3 dimensional jointed creature and making it happen. In a day.

russian folk doll

Carlene’s deeply detailed Russian folk doll

rag doll and quilt

And Anie’s charming rag doll. She also made a quilt – for naps and picnics.

Mores dolls soon I hope and also another  Squam follow up post regarding outfits and lunch…..


  1. bernice rubin

    thanks, Ann. It was a wonderful workshop. your a gifted and generous teacher. I loved it.

  2. So lucky to have experienced that with you, Ann. It was liberating and inspiring. Yes, thank you for your generosity. You went beyond and took us all with you. You were a big reason I wanted to go to Squam and it was so worthwhile!

  3. I just ordered the rag doll pattern…so much fun to look forward to getting it in the real mail! Can’t wait! I love all the dolls from Squam. I feel inspired!

  4. Sandra johns

    Bought your little doll pattern but notice pay pal didn’t put the tax on, so sending it separately tomorrow on snail mail…sandra in Maine

    I didn’t know how to change it on pay pal once it went through….hope rise doesn’t mess things up to much…

    • Hi Sandra- no worries on tax – I only need to charge sales tax on sales within New York state. Also – I tried emailing you but your email inbox was full – so you may not have received your receipt – I’ll check back with you later.

  5. Dollmaking is my favorite way to express myself, and it is wonderful to see how others use this medium. What a wonderful experience to be had!



  6. Maureen Willetts

    Wonderful content in this latest newsletter, loved the variety of dolls, got my fingers itching now to start one or two or more.
    Thank you so much, got me a-planning now.

  7. Lily Williams

    O so grateful to be able to order a print pattern. I too am printer challenged. Love your inspiring work!

  8. Thank you for sharing , such a delight for the eyes and imagination.

  9. Jennie Henzel

    Will there be a little cat pattern? I just made the little doll – lots of fun.

  10. Ah, but i’ve already bought the doll pattern. what of people like me 🙂

  11. I am happy to see you are letting us take a peek of your and others’s earlier work>Allof you are very creative and inventive.

  12. Phyllis Cotterman

    I would like to receive your newsletter. I do see some of your things, but I don’t think I am on your newsletter list. A friend sent me this one. So much fun!

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