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Everything is blooming in Brooklyn – There are blossom trees up and down Union St.  and my view is all pink, pale green and white for just a little while.

brooklyn spring

Spring has not quite happened upstate yet- but it’s thinking about it. I spent a few days wondering around up there and sewing lots of little birds for BHLDN.


moss and lichen

I gathered some mosses for a new terrarium I’ll put together this evening – right now they are doing fine in a plastic strawberry container with a damp paper towel on the bottom wrapped loosely in plastic. I picked up some charcoal  from the same area as some of the moss to add to the soil. I have had mixed results with my previous terrariums – maintaining the right moisture balance, preventing mold etc. One thing that seems to help is watering only with water from the nearby creek, I wonder if distilled water might be good too? Any tips appreciated. There are a few more photos from the lovely gloomy weekend after the break.

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fancy lichen and a couple other things

I found this lichen, (I think it’s called trumpet lichen?) and another spiky sort, in a forest in CT last week. Don’t know what I did wrong lichen care wise but the last one I had dropped dead immediately. This time it’s in the terrarium and so far doing well and maybe even growing a little. I’ll keep you painfully up to date on my lichen’s progress and all the other very exciting things that happen in my terrarium.


I have not abandoned the birds. I made three for the one in ten auction that I’ll post here soon and I promise there will be birds available in my shop in a little while including new bride and groom pairs. I’m still getting through current cake topper orders. This set was for Amy of Seamsters. She sent fabric she printed herself and I love her patchwork idea. I’m working on some patchwork pirate birds now.


Another favorite photo from Tinlark. ( photographers name coming soon)

It makes me wish I could take better pictures. I’ve started looking at beginning photography courses in new york this fall and any recommendations are welcome.

back in brooklyn

This is the longest I have ever abandoned my blog since beginning it last May. The busyness before, during and after the Tinlark show was just silly and I’m slightly the worse for wear – slow, permanently tired – probably need a little vacation. I’ve still got tons to do to catch up. It was so nice today I packed up all my work and spent the better part of the day under a big tree in Prospect Park.

Thanks to everybody who’s been patient ( especially you freda -you’re getting a special surprise).

I wish I had more pictures from the show for you but almost every picture I took absolutely sucked ( I’m hoping the gallery has much better pictures and I’ll post them when I get them). I’ll post the few other marginal pictures I’ve got soon. This is my raven.


He is made from vintage calico and this edwardian bodice. His eyes are antique black glass faceted buttons. He is sold and so is almost everything else! Last I heard there were still two bats and some of the 100 horses. You can call tinlark for info: 323-463-0042

The show was lots of fun. Cris McCall the owner of the gallery is wonderful and it was great to meet laura and maggie and see their beautiful work in person. Thanks to everybody who came by to say hi. Marisa took this picture at the opening.


and wendy has a great picture of my owl on her blog.

Hopefully more show pictures soon but now in other news:
There are tiny mushrooms growing in my terrarium!


I’m pretty excited about it.

nature calls

I left brooklyn this weekend and went moss hunting. I also found a great spider web. I’m generally against insects of any kind but I love a nice round web with a little and relatively unobjectionable spider right in the middle.


I got an awful lot of moss. I hope nothing crawls out of it tonight.


It’s way more than I need for one little fish bowl (the terrarium becky made me didn’t survive a couple environmental challenges and a persistent mold problem) so I’m also going to make a few other terrariums and arrangements. The first one is a thoughtful little man in a garden.


It’s Monday so I’m back on the daily bird porgram. This is Cora.

She’ll be in the shop at 8PM EST.


My sister Becky made me this little terrarium for Christmas and I could not be more pleased with it.

It’s in a hand-blown Victorian fishbowl that has a ruffled edge and all sorts of beautiful little bubbles and imperfections in the glass. She collected the little mosses and plants for the mini landscape over the summer. It’s truly spectacular and a perfect home for this tiny donkey I’ve been saving for something for years.

I’ve been in kind of a wheel spinning, non productive post holiday fog. I’ve got lot’s of stuff I should be doing, would even like to be doing, but instead of really focusing on any of it I keep doing stuff like spending HOURS making a new pin cushion.

*Thanks to everybody who’s bidding at the Kim Benefit on Ebay, people are being incredibly generous*