Everything is blooming in Brooklyn – There are blossom trees up and down Union St.  and my view is all pink, pale green and white for just a little while.

brooklyn spring

Spring has not quite happened upstate yet- but it’s thinking about it. I spent a few days wondering around up there and sewing lots of little birds for BHLDN.


moss and lichen

I gathered some mosses for a new terrarium I’ll put together this evening – right now they are doing fine in a plastic strawberry container with a damp paper towel on the bottom wrapped loosely in plastic. I picked up some charcoal  from the same area as some of the moss to add to the soil. I have had mixed results with my previous terrariums – maintaining the right moisture balance, preventing mold etc. One thing that seems to help is watering only with water from the nearby creek, I wonder if distilled water might be good too? Any tips appreciated. There are a few more photos from the lovely gloomy weekend after the break.




  1. Very nice way to start my Wednesday. Thank you, Ann.

  2. Beautiful photos! I have a 10 gallon aquarium that I want to convert to a terrarium and your pictures here and in the terrerium link give me a lot of ideas! Very inspirational! Thank you!

  3. Kristin Freeman

    Lovely thoughts to add to my sunny, getting warmer day here on the west slope of the Rockies. The first dandelions bloomed yesterday; despite nights till below freezing the birds are returning and leaf buds are getting full and pushing forth to open a canopy for shade as summer warmth will surely be here soon.
    The photo looking out the window stimulate my imagination – thank you for the pictorial visit from your weekend.

  4. Judy Harris

    Thanks for sharing these photos. My fav is the tree covered in moss. It makes me think of a grandparent with their arms wide open for those beautiful grandbabies.
    I am a big fan of your ships. Is there anyway that I could purchase the instructions to make them?

  5. Sally Stanley

    Lovely pics!!! The variety of mosses you gathered is quite amazing! I wish we had that variety here. If your terrarium has a lid you shouldn’t have to water it. It should make its own water. Maybe you are watering too much when you first plant your terrarium. If your soil is moist when planting try just misting lightly. Thanks for sharing your wonderful outing with us.

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