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Update – the pattern shop is open and I’m adding new things all the time.

I’m working on something new : In a few weeks I will begin to offer patterns and kits for sale; some brand new things as well as a couple of my most popular items. I’m going to start with six projects and build from there. I’ll share my creative practices, techniques, top secret tips and tricks and inspirations. I’m very excited and energized about this and I hope you will be too.

make_something_ann_wood_1 copy

I’ve got lots and lots of ideas for projects I’d like to share – fabric, paper mache and crepe paper- and I would also love to know what you might like to make or techniques that interest you. If you like you can let me know in the comment section or send me an email.


I have timed carved out every day (and night) to work on this, drafting patterns, recording steps and sourcing kit materials etc.  and I hope to have the first few things ready for testing in about two weeks.

Sign up below ( be sure to check the “make something “ box on the sign up form) to stay updated and be notified of the launch – subscribers will also see sneak peeks of some projects and have a chance to be a pattern tester.



  1. Oh I am so so excited! Lov everything u do! Would love to try your spiders, and the flowers u are teaching at squam! the boats! the birds….everything!!!!!!! Can not wait,!!,

  2. This sounds so exciting! I adore your owls and it would be lovely if that would be one of your patterns.

  3. Oh yes spiders would be fabulous as would owls, I love those. I mostly work in fabric but would love to learn more about your papermache work.

  4. Anabella

    I would LOVE to learn to make your boats… I imagine a dozen of them hanging together, and as much as I’d love for them to have been made by you, I could never afford that! So a pattern and your tips and tricks would be amazing to have! And I’ve always wondered what goes into making an owl… 🙂

  5. How exciting – a wonderful venture! I love your creations as well, and all three you have shown here are favourites. I think you’ll have great success with this… I’ll be among the first in line!

  6. I would be interested in some flora of some variety, the spiders, and the lovely birds. We all have such varying techniques, I am curious to see how you go about things, and what I might learn from your process.

  7. Ann,
    I have made little horses and I have tried your paper mache boats although I never got sails on them, they’re still waiting 🙁 but I’d sure love to try making a bird! And I do love your mushrooms…back in high school, I doodled mushrooms and owls onto all my school notes (dating myself!) The funny thing was I didn’t like eating mushrooms…but my first “real” job was as a secretary in a large mushroom growing/canning company in Chester County, PA…and yes, I learned to eat them too! I’d love to learn how to include lace and scrap fabric into projects too! Thanks!

  8. What a great idea! I’d be interested in anything floral and even papier maché dishware (like the tea cup you posted for free). These would obviously be for personal use, and for props for my own photos. This project should be very successful and exciting for you!

  9. This sounds like a great new adventure for you. I’m looking forward to the launch!

  10. Julia D.

    I can hardly wait! I especially love your spiders, mushrooms, owls, and of course your birds. Have made many types of little fabric birds in my day and just love them. Look forward to being apart of your new project.

  11. just sent you an email..really want to be a tester..i already make things and learning to make them better.
    will be taking class with you at squam in the fall!!
    got to go back to work in my studio, making new pillow with victoran gloves on the front..

  12. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement everybody- it’s so helpful. Laure – I’m looking forward to meeting you in the fall at sqaum! It’s going to be so much fun. On being a tester – I’m going to select pattern testers at random from the email update signup list – just click the green owl for the form and check the makesomething box.

  13. Oh that all sounds amazing. Exciting times for you my blogging friend. Would love to test your boat pattern, if that is on of ur wonderful new ventures. Please keep all posted.xxlynda

  14. Sounds wonderful. I pretty much admire everything you make but especially the owls and sailing boats. I have signed up to your mailing list for the chance to be a pattern tester.

  15. kateintheclouds

    Hello Ann, this is really inspiring news! Thank you so much for your energy. I have always wanted to learn how you make your sculptural wire and translucent mache ships. I equally love your owls and birds and boats. I made some of your sailing boats from your previous tutorial and I truly admire them. Best wishes with your new project, I’m really looking forward to the final outcomes.

  16. So exciting -would love to make the flowers your teaching at squam 🙂

  17. Best of luck to you Ann with your new patterns and kits! Sounds like so much fun. Your birds are so adorable. Would love to see patterns for Christmas ornaments. You are soooo talented. LOVE your blog and seeing what you are up to!

  18. Hélène

    Bonjour Ann, I was very happy to read that you want to offer patterns ,I have always wanted to make one bird, a pirat or a camper ,your birds are so sweet.I am really looking forward to reading what patterns you´ll choose .I love your blog and all the wonderful things you make, especially the boats and the little birds, you are so talented and creative!It´s a pity I can´t attend your classes! Best wishes from France and Germany.

  19. patricia a krupica

    I’d like to make a boat…have for quite awhile…hope I can

  20. Thanks so much for all the great feedback and suggestions everybody! I’ll have an update on my progress for you later this week.

  21. Boats and birds and owls. I´ve made your boat from your tutorial. And spent pounds on patterns to get a bird as plumptious as yours are to sail the boat. Looking forward to your new venture.

  22. How exciting for you and your readers/followers. I have been lurking your creations with love for some time now and adore them all! Your boats seem so dreamlike to me, hanging as they do, and it’s easy to imagine them floating around in dreams. The colours of them add to that quality.

    I tried to check the “make something” box but I wasn’t allowed because I was already a subscriber. Unless that box was there originally when I did subscribe? ♥

  23. p.s. Forgot to ask if you ever get out to Australia for workshops?! Just a shot in the dark for me! lol

  24. Hi Pam – thanks so much! I’ve updated your blog subscription to include the “make something” list. And Australia – I’d love to – and hope to make that happen in the next year or two.

  25. I too am excited as I just love all your creations and the fact that you are willing to share these with us is just awesome.
    I can’t wait to finish a couple of projects I am working on now so I can jump on board.

  26. Great news! I can’t wait and would love the chance to be a pattern tester!

  27. Christine Myerscough

    so excited … I love all that you do xxx

  28. I’ve loved your owls since I saw them in a magazine. I’ve made some horses. I am longing to make a ship but don’t know where to begin. I would love to make a ship of some kind, or a simpler version of an owl. Maybe a bad owl even! I love and admire your work!

  29. Marcelle La Cour

    Your boats fascinate me – I would love to know how to make them!

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