nature calls

I left brooklyn this weekend and went moss hunting. I also found a great spider web. I’m generally against insects of any kind but I love a nice round web with a little and relatively unobjectionable spider right in the middle.


I got an awful lot of moss. I hope nothing crawls out of it tonight.


It’s way more than I need for one little fish bowl (the terrarium becky made me didn’t survive a couple environmental challenges and a persistent mold problem) so I’m also going to make a few other terrariums and arrangements. The first one is a thoughtful little man in a garden.


It’s Monday so I’m back on the daily bird porgram. This is Cora.

She’ll be in the shop at 8PM EST.


  1. Maybe you like them because they’re not insects – 8 legs – 2 legs too many.

    PLUS, they spin.

    Pretty cool.

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