fancy lichen and a couple other things

I found this lichen, (I think it’s called trumpet lichen?) and another spiky sort, in a forest in CT last week. Don’t know what I did wrong lichen care wise but the last one I had dropped dead immediately. This time it’s in the terrarium and so far doing well and maybe even growing a little. I’ll keep you painfully up to date on my lichen’s progress and all the other very exciting things that happen in my terrarium.


I have not abandoned the birds. I made three for the one in ten auction that I’ll post here soon and I promise there will be birds available in my shop in a little while including new bride and groom pairs. I’m still getting through current cake topper orders. This set was for Amy of Seamsters. She sent fabric she printed herself and I love her patchwork idea. I’m working on some patchwork pirate birds now.


Another favorite photo from Tinlark. ( photographers name coming soon)

It makes me wish I could take better pictures. I’ve started looking at beginning photography courses in new york this fall and any recommendations are welcome.


  1. oh! the lichen is so little and perfect perched on your finger… makes me want to acquire a terrarium.

  2. I’ve always thought your photography was beautiful…especially some of your bird photos perched on little leaves, etc.

    Also, didn’t I see one of your little birds in the September issue of Lucky?

  3. Could you tell me where in CT, please? Because that is some really pretty lichen. I live in CT and I have a really pretty moss garden on a little hillside, with many different kinds of moss & lichen & whatnot. I don’t have that one, though- that would be an awesome addition. So, if you could, I’d love to know where you found that. Thank you!

  4. That lichen is killing me! Could it be more perfect?!

  5. Your hanging ship sculptures are really interesting and look labor intensive! Thank you for sharing your work!

  6. I remember the first time I found this site- the ships blew my mind. How did you get started making ships of all things? They’re just amazing.

  7. Hi Ann-

    I LOVE your work. I would love to someday purchase one of those whimsical ships…
    What do they cost and are they available?
    I am amzed and inspired by your style. Thank you!

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