flea market report *special edition*

Top notch flea market in Park Slope ( 7th ave between1st and 2nd streets) this weekend. Lot’s of good stuff for future terrariums and dioramas and some beautiful old Christmas decorations.




All the stuff above was from one big estate, all their precious things – treasured for a lifetime, now on the sidewalk. That’s always a little sad and sort of jarring- even more so on this occasion because I got there pretty early and it seemed so complete.

Here’s the *special edition* part also from the above estate.


It’s a book made by a little girl in the 70’s (I’m guessing) called Runaway Tom. You can click here to see the whole book and read the story (just scroll down for the pages).

These last corroded things are from my other favorite flea market guy.


I’m not sure of the particulars but I know they come out of the ocean.


  1. that horse is really great! Maybe you can find a black feather to use as a tail? (that is if he’s missing a tail…)

  2. I often feel a little sad when I see certain things for sale in charilty shops that have obviously been loved and cared for by their previous owner but are considered only fit to be given away when inherited.

  3. I feel I have found in you a kindred spirit as far as sentimentality goes. I have collected, no, I still collect artefacts because I can’t bare them to be thrown away because they aren’t worth any money but were hugely valued to someone who has passed away. I specialise in dead pets ephemera!

  4. What finds! I love old things with past lives. I think a lot of people feel the way Carolyn feels. I was in an antique store recently when I overheard and older woman saying she thought it was sad to see all these old things (partly, I’m sure b/c she was moving into a nursing home and bringing in some of her things). But, to me, old things have so much character. If I were dead and gone I’d rather my stuff be hanging on someone’s wall than in the trash or in some family member’s attic. Plus I love knowing that nobody else has this or that photo, book, etc. Have you ever heard of this book: http://www.curiosityshoppeonline.com/mingeringmike.html
    Reminded of it by the Runaway Tom.

  5. I just read Runaway Tom! The little girl who wrote that must’ve grown up in Canarsie! I recognized the Brooklyn address, and the 763 exchange because I grew up there…but I don’t know anyone named Sheryl.
    Glad you rescued that little treasure!

  6. Hello…..These ARE interesting finds. Its nice that someone appeciates their history. I think they’d look wonderful inside a really large, clear glass lamp base, making a lamp with this collection in the jar portion. [pottery barn lamps, etc.] The light from above would just add mystery and drama. ~Sometimes though, there are old finds that just seem to have lingering energy of the passed- on with them and I keep walking when I feel this way, leaving the article for someone else. Things coming out of the ocean are very intriguing!! Lucky you. Betty.

  7. Wow! That’s a Gene Autry toy gun. I was wondering if it was a toy…or not. Some little one lost his probably loved cowboy gun. He must have left the beach upset that day!

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