3 little birds

These 3 little birds, audrey, molly and dell are for eireann’s one in ten auction.


Here they are on a picnic in prospect park.


Each bird will come with a name tag and in it’s own box.


The auction is on August 19th please check the one in ten site for details.

a couple notes:

* I’m going to begin to tackle my huge backlog of email tomorrow so if you’ve been waiting to hear back from me don’t give up yet.

* If your question was regarding shop updates/ bird availability please join the mailing list at the shop. The birds will be back in the not to distant future.


  1. They sure look like they are having a grand time at that picnic! Good luck with the auction.

  2. Oh, I love these! My favorite is the one in the middle – Molly? I admire your commitment to name all your creations. It gives them even more character.

  3. I am compelled to leave a message today, even though I have been visiting your site for months now. Your work is so inspiring, I love everything you do. Good luck with the auction, what a generous donation. I hope the little birds fly off to beautiful new nests.

  4. I came to post exactly what Mary said! I love your work and visit often – wishing the best for the auction.

  5. oh my goodness, those birdies are unbeleivably adorable! And the ships! ack, I’m overwhelmed by the eye candy. I love your creations.

  6. Hi Ann, the birds are wonderful! I’m doing a book on pirates right now and the pirate ship is very influenced by your great ship sculptures, especially the way you did the sails.

  7. rebecca ringquist

    I have a beautiful dress that I would like to send you for bird purposes. I am cleaning out. Mickey Hampton told me about your work and I’ve been pouring over your blog. I love it. How can I send it to you?

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