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sketchbbok week 10

sketchbook : week 10

Week 10 in my yearlong sketchbook practice. 10 weeks, 70 little experiments. I started to lay them all out chronologically on the floor and realized I didn’t have enough space, it would take some time and it was going to be lots of fun. So I’m saving that for a while – maybe I’ll wait until I’m […]

on April 25, 2015 0
lamb and goat pattern

sleepy lambs and goats : a sewing pattern

I’m so happy to finally publish this pattern! I hope you enjoy it. A dear little lamb and goat to sew.  What’s cuter than baby lambs and goats – nothing- absolutely nothing. Please meet Smokey and Pearl: Pattern details: Skill level is advanced beginners and above – requiring basic hand and machine sewing experience. If […]

on April 21, 2015 1
the brook

my big creative year : margin

Had I already mastered the idea of margin in my life I wouldn’t be editing this post in my car 20 minutes before I need to publish it. But I have not mastered margin, not at all. Margin is the space between, the room left for error or chance, the cushion, and I rarely have […]

on April 20, 2015 8
sketchbook week 9

sketchbook : week 9

Week 9 in my yearlong sketchbook practice. For todays entry I painted my sewing machine – my mother’s old cast iron white rotary, the machine I learned on. I’ve always found it beautiful – other old machines too – elegant lines- so much thought put into the aesthetics of it. I saw it’s twin at a […]

on April 18, 2015 2
sweet paul magazine

the makerie workshop and sweet paul magazine

I spent last weekend in Philadelphia teaching at the sweet Paul Makerie. I came home equally spent and inspired. The whole Makerie experience was fabulous – fascinating people, spectacular class line up (I would have loved to take all of them) and it had Sweet Paul all over it – every detail thoughtful and exquisite. […]

on April 16, 2015 11
sketchbook week 8

sketchbook : week 8

Week 8 in my yearlong sketchbook practice. Sketchbook will be back to it’s regularly scheduled Saturday posting time this week – I was teaching in Philadelphia last week. I was super stretched and would have loved to blow the whole thing off  but I’m glad I didn’t. Getting it done the second half of the week […]

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Made Happy by Pictalo