toadstool pattern progress

The toadstool pattern is just about done.  I’ve got a few steps to reshoot and then a little more work on the document and it’s ready to go. I’ve taught this class a couple of  times and that definitely helped in writing the steps.

toadstool pattern work

It took two years of experimenting to get the shape I wanted in my toadstools. Two years of almost there but not quite.  I am pathologically persistent – relentless. The most difficult part was finding a reasonably efficient way of making the concave shape for the underside, reasonably efficient and reproducible. I tried so many things – some with interesting results – like foam padded bra inserts – but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  What I ultimately came up with is simple and has a lot of flexibility – the shape and effect can be varied with little adjustments – it’s fun to play with.

squam toadstool workshop(photo by Andi Schrader)

I loved teaching the class – the steps seem odd until all of a sudden a toadstool appears. I hope one of the takeaways from my botanical experiment classes and this pattern is thinking innovatively about shape building and materials.

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  1. Julie D.

    YaHoo! So looking forward to your toadstool pattern. Can hardly wait to make some to put all over my place. Also will enjoy a pattern on the botanical piece as well, if you get one for that. You are so talented and enjoy following you and your projects. I’m going to try my hand at some spiders and see if I can even come close to how wonderful yours are.
    Thanks so much and enjoy your day!

  2. I’m so looking forward to your pattern. I enjoy needle felting mushrooms but I also love to sew. it sounds like I can start setting aside all sorts of fabric scraps! 😉 Thanks for all your work on your patterns. It’s a very big job. Even altering a garment pattern gets my palms moist. Creating one from scratch with instructions is huge.

  3. Hi Ann, I have been patiently waiting for the toadstool pattern and love that your are so persistent to get it right. It’s looking good so far. Down under, here in wintery Macedon Victoria, there are toadstools of all kinds popping up. Can’t wait to do my own!

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