sketchbook : week 19

Week 19 in my yearlong sketchbook practice. I love having a record of  the days – it’s an extra bonus that comes with this sort of daily practice. It’s a different kind of remembering – looking back at each days little experiment.  The memories are of sensation and mood, the little squares mostly don’t relate to external events  – except when they do. Today’s experiment refers to the world – the strange, disturbing and fascinating events surrounding the prison escape upstate are on my mind – the intensity of it, the ideas of desperation and flight, the reality of truly dangerous humans and the massive, harsh and beautiful forest where it’s unfolding. From here it’s surreal and it almost feels like fiction – how terrifying and disruptive it must be to people in the vicinity.

sketchbook : week 19

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  1. Joana Yoo

    Dear Ann–finding your blog and work was the best thing this morning. Fell in love instantly. Joana

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