hand stitched mushrooms : a new sewing pattern

The mushroom pattern is here!  And I’m so excited for you to make these. The pattern scales easily up and down – so you can make a variety of fungi.  Beyond making fabulous toadstools I hope you take away some new ideas about shape building in textiles. (photo by Chistine Chitnis)

little mushroom pattern

little mushroom sewing pattern

toadstool sewing pattern

If you make mushrooms I’d love to see – I’m @annwood on instagram if you’d like to tag or you can use #annwoodmushroom. Or email if you like to:  ann at ann wood handmade dot com.

I hope you make mushrooms! And if you’d like to be notified when new patterns are released you can sign up here.

ann wood mushroom pattern


  1. Evie Barrow

    I love your mushrooms! So beautiful. Congrats on sticking with the pattern making process and getting this one finished to share with us. Love it!

  2. Laura Poulette

    How exciting! I was *just* wondering what hand work to pack on our lake side camping trip this weekend!

  3. Just purchased the pattern from your shop..ohhhh it is absolutely stunning! so many little details and all the photo;s!!!! perfect!!!…I am making the large ship from your ship pattern as we speak…I love love love the process…the pattern is so beautiful and easy to follow with the photos!…thank you soooooo much for sharing all your wonderful art with us!! and thank you also for the additional book titles you added!!!happy weekend Ann!

  4. I love everything on this blog! There is so much to inhale, to digest.

    The mushrooms, like all else here…are perfect. Usually crafted mushrooms are a bit stiff, fake- toylike. Yours are alive with personality, as real mushrooms are.

    I will be back to gawk, drool and be inspired.

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