sketchbook : week 21

Week 21 in my yearlong sketchbook practice. This was an extra busy, extra tense, summer coldy, sore throaty, foggy brained week and it was hard to focus on the sketchbook part of the day. To make it feel do-able and to refresh myself I mostly finger painted – I highly recommend it as a loosening up, getting over yourself exercise.  Sometimes I felt like I got somewhere interesting and sometimes I didn’t but it mostly felt loose and free and experimental – so much of what I look for in this daily practice.

sketchbook : week 21


  1. I hope you are on the mend! We’ve had quite a bit of congestion here and a sinus infection for one of my girls…but all much better now. Sounds like you’ve had it rough. I love that you finger painted and not with finger paints…what a great idea.
    Plus the mind mapping is a new way to present planning. Or at least new to me. I love how it sounds and the way it seems to flow. If I had a map of my mind, it would be the big paper one that doesn’t fold back up right and in frustration it was just womped back to a haphazard rectangle and crammed back in the glove box. I’m not even kidding.

  2. That cracked me up! What an image – I totally get it. And yes, finger painting – such fun – kind of a surprise.

  3. Sounds too complicated for my mind. I think I am more like the gal who commented above about the glove box ending. Hilarious!! Hope you are feeling better. I absolutely love your things Ann. The owls make me so happy ,especially. I am in love. The detail and material just fascinate me and the eye expression. I am emotionally overloaded when I see one. Loved the boat, love the mushrooms.

  4. cheri burda

    I sure hope the mind mapping will help, cause I sometimes get so many ideas going at once that I just

    beg God to “turn it off!!” I am blessed to have lot’s of ideas, but they need some organization. My

    goodness I know how much I need Someone to help me organize most every area of my creative self.

    I’m going to try the mind mapping…we will see. And Ann your work inspires me greatly, thank you for

    sharing how you go about it all. Hoping you are on the mend. I have been under the weather today

    also. I really dislike feeling so useless. Ha!

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