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cloth, a podcast interview and spheres – a free template to experiment with

indgo sri toadstool

I love cloth.
I always have – as a child it was something I had in abundance and I learned to think well in stitches. I especially love old cloth. Lovely old cloth. I love it for it’s simplicity, it’s commonness, it’s possibilities and meaning.
sri threads :old cloth

I spend happy hours considering and choosing – today I’m gathering bits of indigo for an owl. I love the textures and patinas that comes from decades or centuries of life and use and I make things that celebrate it as I find it – all it’s scars and mending apparent. And I add my own patches and mends and visible stitching – I love the sewness, the make believe. The fragility and other unexpected qualities of very old cloth send me in new directions, new ways of doing things. I used some of my most treasured scraps from Sri Threads to make these toadstools.

sri toadstools

indgo sri toadstool

I love the little guy. You can find all three in the shop today.

As I was working on them I was thinking about constructing shapes in cloth and what a fascinating process that is. If you’re experimenting with that kind of sewing, especially if you’re just beginning to play with three dimensional sewing – spheres are a great place to start. When I teach a workshop I almost always give away a pattern for three and four part spheres. You can download that pattern here if you like.

And speaking of patterns – more are coming soon – fabric boats, tiny dolls and the flamingo kit. I’ve hit a lot of snags and complications putting that together, it’s been a bigger mountain to climb than I expected but it’s almost there.

And in other news:

A new podcast interview! My second ever. Find my conversation with my good friend Elizabeth Duvivier (founder and director of Squam Art Retreats) here. I loved our chat – Elizabeth is a smart cookie, a truly curious person and I love her new podacast. Two of my favorite episodes are with Suzan Mischer and Kerry Lemon. I hope you check it out.

hand stitched mushrooms : sewing pattern

mushroom pattern

Everything you need to know to make fabric mushrooms is in this sewing pattern.  Two sizes are included plus it scales easily up and down – so you can make a variety of fungi.  Beyond making fabulous toadstools I hope you take away some new ideas about shape building in textiles. (photo by Chistine Chitnis)

little mushroom pattern

little mushroom sewing pattern

toadstool sewing pattern

mushrooms made from fabric

If you make mushrooms I’d love to see – I’m @annwood on instagram if you’d like to tag or you can use #annwoodpattern. Or email to:  ann at ann wood handmade dot com.

ann wood mushroom pattern

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do – overs – the agony and the ecstasy

mushroom pattern shoot

I got about 85% done with my mushroom pattern and decided to scrap all the photos and start over. The text for the steps is all good but I didn’t like the photos. I struggled with them throughout the process, re-shot one section to try to make myself feel better about them, re-edited, applied some photo shop magic but it was all for not – they weren’t what I wanted and they were not frankly – good enough. It’s so painful to come to that place and make that decision this far into a project. Or rather- it’s painful UNTIL I make that decision.  I agonized over it for a couple days – wondering if I was being too critical or using perfectionism to procrastinate because I got cold feet –  sometimes at the end I get nervous and look for flaws so I can delay – this is not that. They just weren’t good enough.

mushroom pattern shoot
So I decided, started over and felt better right away. The extra work is far less painful than publishing something I don’t feel good about.  I put together a new step shooting set up before beginning that made everything easier. It’s not fancy but it works well and I got through half the photography today.

mushroom pattern photos

mushroom pattern photos
I’m much happier with the new photos – they are simpler, clearer, more consistent and prettier than the others (gorgeous fabrics courtesy of Sri Threads). I’ll sail through the rest of the photography tomorrow morning and drop them into the document over the weekend.

And in other news –  a little more progress on my Fortuny creatures:  a recently finished owl – in Fortuny Simboli (cinnamon and copper).

fortuny owl in simboli

fortuny simboli owl