the makerie workshop and sweet paul magazine

I spent last weekend in Philadelphia teaching at the sweet Paul Makerie. I came home equally spent and inspired. The whole Makerie experience was fabulous – fascinating people, spectacular class line up (I would have loved to take all of them) and it had Sweet Paul all over it – every detail thoughtful and exquisite.

I taught Stitched Botanicals – seed pod forms in textiles. Teaching is new to me and I feel my feet under me more each time. I had wonderful, generous, open students – willing and enthusiastic about trying stuff – I was blown away with what people made.

botanical textile art

botanical textile art at the sweet paul makerieGetting out of my cozy bubble once in a while is so good for me, this was, among other things, a gathering of like minded women, there was such a feeling of belonging and I learned a ton. I came home with a bunch of new ideas and feeling like my world got bigger.

makerie students

I’ve been a huge fan of Sweet Paul since he began way back in olden times.  Before the magazine there was a blog and then a digital magazine and now the gorgeous quarterly print magazine.

sweet paul magazine


sweet paul magazine

It’s exceptional – the kind of thing you save. Paul came to visit last October and I’m featured in the current edition. I couldn’t be more excited – there is an interview and pictures of my place and work. It was shot by Colin Cooke whom I loved. I’m terribly awkward about having my picture taken and he taught me a fabulous technique I call “laughing to the side” – check it out in the feature or see it employed on my about page.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love Sweet Paul and did read the article about you. It is great publication and the article was fab!

  2. Kristen Hughes

    I had such a wonderful time in your workshop! This was the first workshop I did Saturday morning and it set the tone for a fantastic weekend. I’m home now and have tons of ideas bouncing around in my head. I learned some great techniques that I can use in some of my own projects. Thank you Ann! You and your work are truly inspiring.

  3. Ann,
    I took your workshop, too, this past weekend. You were an amazing teacher, and I love how my seed pod turned out! Now I need to make more of them! LOVE your blog…LOVE hearing your process…LOVED the Sweet Paul article…thank you for sharing your life with us! xo

  4. I had a wonderful time! You are a delightful teacher and I can’t wait to sew a little critter for my daughter 😉

  5. Ann — Your class was my favorite and I learned so much, your style is awesome. I can’t believe you have never taught before. I think of my seed pod botanical as if I were in A Misummer’s Night Dream and it is my wand. A wonderful reminder of a magical weekend. Thank you.

  6. I must see if I can buy one in Melbourne! What creative fun it must of been….

  7. Cherie Wilson

    It was a darling class Ann! I’m so very inspired. Thank you for spending yourself at The Makerie…. and boy can I relate! I am still finding snippets of rest!

  8. We finally know what you look like! A face to a name…..its so nice! Thank you Ann. I wish I could have been at that workshop…..oh my.

  9. “Laughing to the side” for the win. 🙂 Oh, if I were still in Philly I would have attended Makerie for sure. I always wanted to visit the Urban Campus to see the giant crocheted wall hangings (which were there about 10 years ago … not sure if they’re still there).

  10. I won the Makerie instagram give away. Your postcards are so very cute. Thank you!

  11. Your class was so well put together, every detail so thought out! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. I’m not so afraid of sewing anymore.

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