sketchbook : week 9

Week 9 in my yearlong sketchbook practice. For todays entry I painted my sewing machine – my mother’s old cast iron white rotary, the machine I learned on. I’ve always found it beautiful – other old machines too – elegant lines- so much thought put into the aesthetics of it. I saw it’s twin at a flea market a couple years ago – regret not getting it.

sketchbook week 9


  1. Jenny Stirling

    I share your love of sewing machines -lovely blog entry! And I have just seen your beautiful papier mâché boats! Thank you

    P.S. How do I subscribe to your blog and list it on WordPress?

  2. Faustine Gebhart

    I am really enjoying seeing your sketchbook art as I try and get back to a practice of making things. I love the colors and softness – what medium are using the most? Thank you for sharing.

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