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cardboard horses

Way back in 2006 I made 100 cardboard horses as an experiment and creative exercise – I exhibited the group in Los Angeles in 2007. I’ve added cormac and the other 16 remaining horses (some of my favorites) from the collection to my shop.

PS -If you are getting snow I hope you’re enjoying it. I am getting snow and enjoying it.

back on track

Being two horses behind was driving me nuts. It couldn’t be helped though, the drive home on Friday was a miserable all day downpour type of affair so they had to wait till this morning. I’ve got 16 now and have a better sense what 100 is going to look like; much bigger than I had imagined and I’m starting to have some thoughts about what, if anything, to do with them when it’s over.

#15 Darger


#16 Finn


I went to the flea market and here’s what I got for $6.50.


Finally back to ship building! This one is a little brighter and more translucent. I’m going to try to get another frame built today.


These are some key ship building tools- The clamps were a gift but I think they came from home depot. I don’t know what I ever did without them. They’re light and have little swively grips. And floral tape, I love floral tape.


giselle – horse #13

Thanks to everybody who commented on the bird party, I feel welcome and encouraged and excited about my brand new blog. All the “chic to classic” entries are great. It’s fun and inspiring having a little window into everybody’s imaginations. I love stuff like whiplash, not because it’s a contest, but because I love an assignment, having a theme imposed maybe sends my thinking somewhere new and the quick deadline makes it impossible for me to get obsessive and suck the spontaneity out of my little project. Given enough time I can suck the spontaneity out of just about anything.

Tuesday’s horse (#13) is giselle. I think this is my favorite horse so far, it’s a little color study for something else I’m working on.