giselle – horse #13

Thanks to everybody who commented on the bird party, I feel welcome and encouraged and excited about my brand new blog. All the “chic to classic” entries are great. It’s fun and inspiring having a little window into everybody’s imaginations. I love stuff like whiplash, not because it’s a contest, but because I love an assignment, having a theme imposed maybe sends my thinking somewhere new and the quick deadline makes it impossible for me to get obsessive and suck the spontaneity out of my little project. Given enough time I can suck the spontaneity out of just about anything.

Tuesday’s horse (#13) is giselle. I think this is my favorite horse so far, it’s a little color study for something else I’m working on.

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  1. i totally agree with you about spontaneity. and even then i have a hard time not sucking the energy away… i LOVE LOVE LOVED your birds and am happy to have found your blog – good luck. your art is lovely, this will be fun to continue to check in.


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