Bird Style

A little bird party, some birds quite chic and others more comfortable in
something classic.

handmade fabric birds

Find a sewing pattern for little birds here.


And here’s my first pretty much done ship:



It’s Monday, so I made a horse. That little plan is working out for me in lots of ways: I’m making 100 so there’s no fear of a mistake and even if I don’t like the horse
I make it usually generates an idea, no do-overs allowed so I can’t obsess endlessly, I think the discipline has been good for me and it’s a fine way to start the day.



  1. WoW! So much great stuff here!! I love this bird party! You will win for sure!!

    THe pirate ship and horse are absolutely amazing! Great job on everything!!

  2. “It’s Monday, so I made a horse”… Love it! Really refreshing work you do, and I love your little birdies. The ship is amazing and I can’t begin to imagine how you did it!

  3. I really like your idea – those birds are really cute nice. I like your ship and the horse as well 🙂

  4. I LOVE those birds!!! They are so great! Especially the little orange guy!

  5. Those birds are so adorable. Plus I totally love the idea of making a hundred of something to let go of the reservations about making it. That is a great idea to get working fast and loose–which can produce the best results.

  6. Those are lovely birdies. and they sing a lot when they party? rock or classic? 😀

    The boat is also nice.

  7. Congratulations on your whiplash win. I think your idea was an outstanding interpretation of the theme and well executed. Great job!

  8. Oh wow! I’m so glad that I checked out whip up today because it led me to your blog! Your creatins are just so wonderful and very warm. Look forward to seeing more works!

  9. i found you through whipup, your birds are divine!!!! and the ship – it is pure beauty. congratulations on your win.

  10. darling little birds!! what a creative bunch…and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you!!

  11. Everything here is so gorgeous! Those birds are wonderful and definately deserved to win Whiplash. Congratulations.

  12. Wow, I clicked through from whiplash to see the beautiful birds and then oh my god the boat! fantastic work.

  13. i found you via whip-up as well. this little party of birds is so charming and perfectly made. and the ship! i’ve been wanting to make a papier mache ship as a present to my sister (lisa, bird in the hand). yours is just majestic! finally, i’ve poked around a bit and discovered you did the paintings for junebug. i would love to hear what the process was for doing those if you’d like to share. i was disappointed to not hear more about them in the dvd bonus materials! have a great weekend.

  14. I came over from reading Whip up to congratulate you on your birds and what a delight to find your amazing ship as well, it’s quite remarkable!

  15. the birds and horses are really amazing,I love all your works! may I have the 12th horse’s name?

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