back on track

Being two horses behind was driving me nuts. It couldn’t be helped though, the drive home on Friday was a miserable all day downpour type of affair so they had to wait till this morning. I’ve got 16 now and have a better sense what 100 is going to look like; much bigger than I had imagined and I’m starting to have some thoughts about what, if anything, to do with them when it’s over.

#15 Darger


#16 Finn


I went to the flea market and here’s what I got for $6.50.


Finally back to ship building! This one is a little brighter and more translucent. I’m going to try to get another frame built today.


These are some key ship building tools- The clamps were a gift but I think they came from home depot. I don’t know what I ever did without them. They’re light and have little swively grips. And floral tape, I love floral tape.



  1. Darger is such a serene looking horse – I think she (he?) is my favorite so far. It looks like you have a lovely stash of buttons. I have some beautiful vintage buttons in my hoard of treasures …if you would like a few for for your wonderful horses I’d be happy to send you some.

  2. I love Darger! How funny ~ had never seen Darger, until your show this year. I also did not yet know about you, your blog or your work, also until early this year. I’m so glad to know of you now! It’s great how even the internet becomes a small world after all 🙂

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