Wow, thanks for all the comments and kind words. The encouragement really means a lot and the other great thing about this whiplash deal is all the great blogs I’m seeing that I probably never would have. Amazing, inspiring stuff. I wish I had discovered this community a long time ago; it’s an incredible resource in lots of ways. I had to go out of town for work and I’m slightly brain dead now from an overly packed day and long drive. Tomorrow I’m hoping to finish early enough to go on a thrifting expedition on my way back to NY and if I’m very lucky maybe a brief visit to Ikea (need shelves desperately).

I plan on making up today’s horse tomorrow ( just can’t do it in a hotel) and then I’m hoping to have a weekend of ship building.

I hate having a post without a picture so I’m including this little study for a ship.



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    Testing to see if everything with your blog is functioning normally.

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