pattern work : lambs

I ran into a snag with my lamb pattern, a major do over, so it won’t be out this week but when it is ready (hopefully next week-ish) it’s going to be pretty deluxe. There will be a basic standing lamb pattern as well as a collection with a couple other sleepy four legged creatures. I’m also working on a reclining lamb – it’s something I’ve been playing with for a long time and I think I’ve just about got it. I’m pretty excited about my progress – it’s been driving me crazy but it finally started to come together this week.


One of the biggest challenges for me in creating patterns is getting the shape that I want while keeping the templates as simple as possible.  I’m great at unnecessary complications and the lamb needed some rigorous editing. I also wasn’t happy with his butt – the result was just a little bit inconsistent  – my last draft fixed that and now the pattern produces a consistent, properly round, lamb butt result.


I also finished a wedding party last week: mr. and mrs. and ten little attendants.


wedding partyAnd just the ladies.

It occurred to me while I was making this set that this is the 10 year anniversary of these little birds. I first started making them in 2005.  The original birds were made for a shop holiday window display – I wish I had pictures.  I can’t even begin to imagine how many of these little creatures I’m made over the last decade.


  1. Your work truly inspires me to keep trying when I am not happy with a result. It is good to know that another person has struggles with things at times…gives me the push I need to keep trying myself!
    Your lambs are great and I am already thinking of fabrics I have that would make them unique.
    I just finished a mobile made with the little felt sailboats. I made 5 of them. They were a lot of fun and turned out so nice. Much room for my own creative touches. The mobile is a birthday present for my grown daughter whose bedroom is an ocean theme. I am giving it to her on Easter Sunday…can’t wait. I know she’ll be excited.
    Thanks again.

  2. Jennifer

    Ann, I have been a fan of yours for several years and you never fail to amaze me. Your work is gorgeous, it is so generous of you to share your patterns with us. I have purchased every one so far! I have also made the horses and boats from the free patterns you provide. I purchased a set of your bird cake toppers for my daughter’s wedding last June. They are exquisite and such a wonderful addition to the bride and groom’s special day. Please, keep the posts coming and I hope you realize what an inspiration you are.

  3. And there’s nothing worse than an inconsistent lamb butt . . .

    Thanks for the Friday giggle – looking forward to the pattern!!

  4. Ann, I am so excited about the lamb pattern. I get a lamb for my granddaughter every year at Easter. And so next year I will be able to give her a very special handmade lamb to represent the risen Jesus Christ. Thank you for all your hard work on pattern making for the rest of us to have the opportunity to create your beautiful little creatures.

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