sketchbook : week 7

Week 7 in my yearlong sketchbook practiceI had a really good time with my sketchbook this week. I painted my favorite upstate houses, I got super into it. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was all the time in the world to spend driving around in the country looking for forlorn houses and painting their portraits. That’s my new escapist fantasy.

sketchbook - week 7


  1. Beautiful artwork, Ann. These are some of my favourites that you have painted.

  2. omg ann, these are so touching…and all so slightly askew, the colors are very rich and evocative and everything about them is secret…..beautiful work….what is the medium..gauche?
    xxoo beautiful and poignant….. times passes, and brings spring… lived in a house that looked like these once, in Oliveria in upstate New York, on the north side of a Mountain, with a beautiful young painter and two cats xxoolauren

  3. I have a house like these upstate; but is a happy, upkept, very much loved house.

    I really find you inspiring and keep hitting ‘keep as unread’ for all your posts!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous escape. You could make greeting card series out of them!

  5. Beautiful! I really love these and enjoy all the textures and tones you create in your paintings.

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