sketchbook : week 6

Week 6 in my yearlong sketchbook practice.  I get a lot of information about myself as I make these little experiments. I notice the grooves and paths in my thinking and impulses – colors and shapes, lines, moods and ideas I gravitate to. Sometimes that feels familiar and good, it feels like my natural vocabulary, and other times I try to push myself out of those grooves, just to see. The older I get the more interested I am in the murky uncharted places.



  1. Hi Ann, I love following along on your creative year Journey! Your sketchbook practise is wonderful and your writing inspires me to take action too. Thanks!

  2. Your sketch book is always so amazing! The look like finished pieces ready to sell to me. Have you ever sold sketches or paintings?

  3. Carole Bridgman

    Ann Wood, you’re just a dream. I LOVE these.

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