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I love fabric.  I do – I think I’m genetically predisposed and I’m attracted to the possibilities. I use mostly found and salvaged things, garments, quilts etc. but I get pretty excited  about a good solid fabric store too. My favorites in New York are New York Elegant Fabrics on 40th St. and Purl in Soho. Purl is so pretty – I stopped by yesterday for supplies for two of the new patterns I’m working on.

purl_fabricsI could have spent the whole day there and I wish I had taken a couple photos – the shop is beautiful, they are truly masters of display – the place makes you want to make stuff and buy stuff.  I’m working on a lamb pattern  that will be out next week and something new – that’s what the metalics are for – I hope I can show you the prototype for that the end of next week.  And I’m building ships, I always build ships in the spring.

paper mache ship

It’s a pearly grey day in Brooklyn – perfect for twinkle lights and twirling ships. This one is the large ship from the ship pattern collection – I modified the sides a bit – made it dip a little lower on the sides in the middle. You can get all kinds of interesting effects by playing with the side templates. I’m putting together a post of ships and boats made from the pattern- if you’d like to be included you can email photos to me at ann at ann wood handmade dot com.



  1. I think my favorite pictures are those of your ships hanging in the sunlight in your studio. They are magical and they make me smile. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. You are so refreshing. I love finding even used items to creative anew. You said magazine shoot, so please what magazine???!!! Thank you Jackie

  3. I do hope its a magazine I can buy in Melbourne!! I so look forward to your words and pictures.. So inspiring…. Just magical!

  4. Ann – I found you through the article in Victoria magazine and purchased the ship pattern. I have been going through a rough patch lately but the ships have helped me find my inner child and allowed me to play. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Take care.

  5. Hi Ann
    I have made an armature of the large ship with covered wire – now for adding some muslin! Can you give me any tips or tricks about covering with material instead of paper mache????????? I think it’s going to hit and miss – you can’t pull too hard or the wire bends and I don’t want it too loose either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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