sketchbook : week 5

Week 5 in my yearlong sketchbook practice.  I really struggled to find the time this week – lots going on – but I did and was always happy  in that little drawing and painting part of my day. I was often  miserable thinking about doing it but not once I got started and settled in to it.  I don’t always, or even usually  love what I make but I do try to stick with them until I feel like I’ve gotten somewhere. This truly is an exercise and it is becoming a habit.

week 5

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  1. Hi Ann

    I’ve been really interested seeing these little sketchbook pieces each week…my favourite so far is the one on the top right, the painted horses on the wall and that folded back quilt (or is it a crochet blanket) on the bottom of the bed has completely stolen my heart …and your piece on boro textiles (especially the repaired futon covers) made me smile, they reminded me so much of the darned knees of my jeans my mum used to repair for me when I was small xx

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