outfitting mrs. spots and small art series 2

rag doll : mrs. spots

Meet Mrs. Spots – a dear old friend of Mr. Socks. There have been a number of questions lately – and – I have wondered myself – if the tiny rag doll’s wardrobe could work for the Mr. Socks doll pattern.  I spent some time experimenting with that and – with some adjustments – it can.  And that is how I arrived at Mrs. Spots.

rag doll : mrs. spots

Beginning with the dress (the dress is from the tiny rag doll pattern) – it needs to be a little larger,  Mrs. Spots is taller than the tiny rag doll and has considerable girth around the middle. There are two easy ways to do it – you can add a quarter inch to the dress pattern   – the cut line becomes the stitch line with the exception of the back center seam – don’t add extra there.

Or just enlarge the pattern to 115%  ( I have not tried this with the pinafore apron yet but I suspect enlarging it to 115% would work – if you give it a try I’d love to see).

rag doll : mrs. spots

rag doll : mrs. spots

For the coat – so easy – you can use the pattern at it’s original size but skip the hood and do not sew the back seam (step 3 in the pattern)  – leave the full width.  The little satchel works as is too. (The coat and satchel are both from the coat, bag and hat pattern).

mr. socks : sewing pattern   tiny doll : winter wardrobe

rag doll : mrs. spots

And finally the free hat pattern – for days when a coat is just too much.  I enlarged it to fit  and you can download the larger size here.

And some small art news:

I’ll be adding the first of the small art series 2 pieces to the shop soon – either tomorrow or over the weekend (sorry that’s not more specific  – I have a couple tech things to work out). I’m planning on adding about 24 little paintings.  If you are on the artwork list you will get an email notification (not sure if you are? email me – happy to help)  and I’ll also update this post and instagram.


  1. Mrs. Spots is adorable. I love how she’s posed with her little ankles crossed like a little ballerina. I love her sweet face and her cute little ears.

    If we want to make her, would we use the pattern for Mr. Socks?

  2. “and has considerable girth around the middle”

    ahh Mrs Spots – I feel your pain 🙂 , and love your outfit – you look splendid

  3. These dolls & their clothes & accessories are awesome. I love that you mostly do hand sewing. That’s what I like to do too. I’m making my own doll pattern & making clothes for her. I have got all the free patterns you offered. So when I get my doll done I’ll send you a pic of her. I have no name for her yet. So thanks for the inspiration to sew these dolls.
    Shari Hall-Illig

  4. I love that you sew her & her clothes & accessories all by hand. I like to do that too. They are all awesome. I’m making my own doll pattern & her clothes. I did print out the free patterns you offer on your website. I haven’t name her yet. I’ll tell you when I know & show a pic of her when I get her made. Thanks so much.
    Shari Hall-Illig

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