make a ship for mr. socks

paper mache boat

Mr. Socks is going to sea in his very own ship. I made it using my free paper mache boat pattern with a couple changes. If you’d like to make your own follow the original boat instructions but to make it just right for Socks use:

this slightly smaller template

and this sail pattern

(a note on sail making – there are instructions here if you need them)

a ship for mr. socks

Socks is the kind of cat that does just what he wants so he is off to Paris for a holiday in his brand new ship.

mr. socks goes boating

mr. socks goes boating

mr. socks goes boatingau revoir mr. socks!



  1. maxine lesline

    Mr Socks sails on his own.. an independent little guy… names to these creations give them some gravitas… a certain ‘presence’.

  2. Hi Ann, Thank you so much for all your idea’s. I am hoping to start after Christmas, one of your boats & maybe Mr Socks.
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas & Thanks

  3. Merry Christmas Ann, thank you for brightening my Fridays with your creations

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