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painting : 6/29/2016

Updated – I’ve just added about 20 more to the shop – the last of series 1.

For the first time ever – there are paintings in the shop – little paintings – things I created over a period of about a year and a half as part of my daily art practice.  I took what was intended to be a short break from that practice in August – and you know how that sort of thing goes – I never resumed. I miss it – and I’m planning to start again in 2017 – still working out the details of exactly what the will be.

painting : 7/18/2016

The little works  are  paint and pencil (occasionally some collage) on hot press paper or bristol –  4 and 1/2  X  4 and 1/2 inches and they arrives boxed.

Of the  511 little paintings I made I’m choosing my favorites for the shop – I’ve added twenty today and if this works out I’ll add more.

sketchbook work

Letting go of them is a little painful. I’ve changed my mind about it several times but ultimately concluded that what I need from them  stays with me and I would very much like to put paintings and drawings out into the world.

painting : 6/12/2015

ann wood : small art


ann wood : small art

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  1. These are all so wonderful! And perfect for great gifts!! Thank you so much for putting them in your shop.

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