new owls in the shop


And birds and spiders too.



*This week will be the last opportunity to order sweethearts for a while – I won’t be able to take new orders for the next few weeks (I will still be adding ready made sweethearts occasionally).  I will stop taking sweetheart orders on August  20th.


  1. I just LOVE the little scout! You’ve got the color exactly right … did you use an old Girl Scout uniform to make her?

  2. Bailey North

    Oh my goodness! I just got my issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and fell in love with Chillingworth. Your creatures are filled with personality and wit. I am sure that Chillingworth is not quite as evil as he seems. I’ll bet he’s a little cuddly too…

  3. The first thing of yours i saw was an owl. I fell in love.
    Then a spider. Love again.
    Now, the boats. Holy cow lady! you drip talent!
    I love each and every thing you make.

  4. Colleen martin

    I love all your work immensely, but I have to say that your spiders are just magic. They seem like gesture drawings come to life. They are very lyrical to me. I love the shot of the one in this post. It looks like a little kid flashing ruffly bloomers =0)

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