fort tilden

I spent a pretty ideal day out at Fort Tilden on Sunday. I’ve lived in New York for 15 years but just discovered it has a beautiful, swim-able beach this year. Straight up Flatbush Ave. Twenty minutes from my place (by car); it’s like opening a door that you always thought was a closet and finding a fabulous atrium or something.

tilden1One of last natural dune systems  in the city.

tilden3We built a little shelter – I would like to live in it.

tilden4And I sewed some little birds.

tilden2But mostly swam.


  1. That looks heavenly – a great way to wind up the summer.

  2. i left ny in the 70s. we always went to rockaway beach but i think this area was not opened to the public back then. looks wonderful. especially that it’s not overcrowded with people. enjoy.

  3. You’re right Deanna – it was an active military base until 1974.

  4. what a beautiful discovery! i lived in nyc for 9yrs and never knew 🙂 thanks for sharing…

  5. hte shelter reminds me of the ones I use to build when I was a little girl. I would like to live in it too…

  6. That looks the nicest place to spend a weekend, sewing at the beach,(not a swimmer myself, but a paddler definately!) or anywhere outside is always so much nicer than sewing indoors no matter how lovely and light your studio can be. By the I thought New York was all taxis and noise and Woody Allen (I live in England so what do I know,!), this looks like a little castaway island. Hope you were wearing sunblock though.

  7. I would like to live in that shelter as well! What an incredible surprise to find such a lovely place in the city.

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