I’ve been making some birds from my littlest scraps, stuff I’m at the end of or favorite little pieces I’ve been saving forever.
scraps 9/14

I’ve just added these two to the shop and will continue to add one or two little birds everyday.

scrap birds

There will be a larger update (birds and sweethearts) later in the week and if you’d like to be notified when the new things are available please join the mailing list.

And something new in progress.

 paper  mache ship

I’m working on new ships,  bats, boats, ballerinas, owls and  lots of other things  – more  photos tomorrow.


  1. Your ships are amaizing and that birds are beautiful. You have really charm in all that you make. Congratulations.

  2. i’m so fascinated with your birds. i’ve viewed your entire blog looking at each and every little character you’ve created. they all have their unique personally too(it shows)

  3. beautiful scraps… i’m the same way. i can never get rid of even the smallest piece. there’s always something to do with it.

  4. there is grace here
    the work of sensitive hands
    that reaches out from an inspired heart.
    there is
    and legend.

  5. So crazy! I have some of the fabric in the picture with the little black flowers!! It’s EXACTLY the same. I got it in a stash of tons of fabric scraps and pieces from my husband’s great grandmothers stash!

    That is so wild to see it in another place!

    I love your birds. They are beautiful.

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