they float


I replaced my giant wooden work table with a much smaller iron table with a glass top.  It feels light and kind of unobtrusive in this little place.  Working on the glass top is sort of an odd sensation but so far I like it, if it starts to drive me mad  I can replace the glass or cover it with homasote or something.


  1. Good things are coming from your new table….that lavender-gray owl has set my heart to pitter pattering! sigh.

  2. I work on a glass table too, its odd, but great for storing stuff underneath (mine has a solid tray underneath) also great for taking pictures on. Also, just wanted to say I love your work and blog and visit often, my two kids love it too and often want to make birds, owls, castles and spiders because of seeing your glorious creations – so thanks very much for keeping them creatively inspired!

  3. You can also paint on the glass with Golden Acrylic products made for painting on glass – that way you can control the opacity if opaqueness is not what you are going for. If later on you want the clear glass back – out comes the razor blade and voila. Carolina

  4. Would love to see more photos of your place – the ones on design sponge were great. It’s great to see the creativity at work!

  5. I like that the glass top of a work surface admits good ‘backlighting’ as it were…

  6. Found your blog through What I Made’s twitter! Fantastic owls. Wow. You live in a fairytale world — it’s beautiful.

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