bundling up the tiny doll folk and imagining their world

embroidered felt doll hats and jackets

When faced with a stressful situation small sewing is good medicine. This weekend we made some big tech improvements to ann wood handmade that were sort of terrifying. I’m thrilled with the result – especially the speed.

embroidered doll cap

While all the scary work was being done I lingered in the details of tiny felt jackets and hats and slow stitched talismans. Besides needing to distract myself from the website work it has been cold and snowy, all the more reason for cosy hand sewing and bundling the little dolls up. I sure do love to bundle things up.

small stitch experiments

embroidered felt doll jacket

tiny rag doll that fits in the palm of your hand

Find the free little jacket pattern here and the tiny doll hat here.

The folky little winter ensembles make me curious about tiny doll world, the details and history. I’m going to investigate that over the next few weeks. You may recall I explored the world of a family of cosmopolitan ants a couple years ago.

beaumonts christmas

ant family christmas

It was probably the most fun I ever had. I’m looking forward to imagining a world for the tiny doll folk. Stay tuned.


  1. Jane Miller

    Love your blog posts! Thank-you for the jacket and hat patterns that I will include with my little dolly patterns. Hope to make time to sew after the Holidays (or before if I’m lucky).

    The ants are amazing..I loved the pictures so much!

    Enjoy your quiet time.

  2. Velia Antila

    Love your new wardrobe for your tiny dolls. Perfect for the cold days, how about some boots for the rainy days, then you need to make Summery outfits for next year. If I did not hate bugs so much, I’d try your ants.

  3. Atie L. Holmes

    Always happy to see a new post.Love that little jacket. Hand sewing is my favorite thing to do. Thanks for the free pattern. Appreciate your generosity.

  4. I can’t wait to see what you learn about the tiny dolls’ world!

  5. “When faced with a stressful situation small sewing is good medicine” – wise words indeed.
    I am curious to know how you have speeded up your website – I’m on WordPress too and despite following all the advice I can find about speeding my site up, it still seems very slow. Not being techy myself I wish I knew how to sort it out.

  6. Perfect timing! Looking forward to sewing tiny creations with my grown daughters over Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing your always adorable and inspiring world.

  7. Thanks for the pattern and for sharing your lovely creations. I look forward to your blog posts. They always brighten my day.

  8. The black jacket and hat are amazing. They are perfect for Christmas season. I am looking forward to seeing what you discover about the tiny doll world.

    We had a lovely, warm day on Saturday. I took Dolly, my first tiny rag doll, for a walk.

  9. Barbara T.

    I have been following your blog for some time and look forward to each and every e-mail with new inspiration. You’re such an inspiration to me.. you’re handwork is amazing and gives me the desire to keep my hands moving. I’m excited to try the generous pattern you shared for the 3 sizes of trees. Thank you for keeping all of us connected through your blog.

  10. Susan Hebert

    I hope to learn many things about your little rag doll ladies. Maybe where they live and what their home is like?!
    I really savor to your emails and look forward to learning more about you and your world. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Love your page! I make traditional Slavic Folk Dolls and just fell in love with your dolls!

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