little projects and percolating ideas

little sewing projects

The little black wool scrap insisted on being a chicken, a french hen. It’s a good day for small cosy projects, for stitching little dolls and boats, pocket size things.

stitched french hen in a nesting box

There was nothing I would rather do today, nothing more appealing than meandering my way through some little projects. Some for gifts, some for ornaments and a few little things for the shop in December.

I had intended to just sew for an hour or two early in the morning but I could not put it down today and there was no real reason to. I remained happily lost in the little details and all of a sudden the sun was going down.

tiny cotton doll satchel

tiny cotton doll with a satchel and linen smock

And while my hands were busy I felt a steady simmer in my mind, curiosity about miss thistle and the world she lives in, ideas and images floating to the surface, little glimmers of a house in the forest…


  1. Precious wee things, and I can’t imagine a better way to spend the day. And you have a sweet furry friend to help as well!

  2. Carolyn Collins

    Such a delightful day indeed! Love your little Miss Thistle and her bag! Enjoy the little things. ❤

  3. I love your blog posts … I enjoy reading and watching what you are making.

  4. My young grandsons and I have now each made a cardboard horse. They loved the project and have asked to make more. I also demonstrated the bag mushrooms and they were pretty interested by them also. We may make some in the next week or so. I am in the middle of making 10 little flannel owls to give as gifts this coming weekend. I am about halfway there, but have to work all week also. Work seriously cuts into my crafting time. 🙂 Thanks for making these projects possible for the rest of us.

  5. Dear Ann, I always wanted to ask but never had the courage until today; have you by any chance worked through the book The Artist Way by Julia Cameron? You have an amazing way to just create something from very little xx

  6. Joanna Taylor

    I enjoy having your work at our home and also making things from your patterns and made some teacups, paperhorses and the cat with the grandkids. THANK YOU ANN.

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