a miniature world, inhabited by stylish ants

dusting : fortuny ants

Meet the Beaumonts, fifth avenue’s most stylish anthropods.

To celebrate Fortuny’s 2016  Micromondo collection (which means micro–world in Italian) I created a miniature world of cosmopolitan, domestic bliss inhabited by sophisticated ants with a taste for midcentury furniture and modern art. They also really love christmas – that’s part 2.

ant world

ant world

ant world

ant world

The ants are 6 inches tall and made from the Micromondo collection.  I made furniture, drapery etc. – everything a fully appointed ant penthouse needs – from the new wools, velvets and linens as well as many of the classic patterns – the blue and bronze above is one of my favorites. I also made ant art – I got super into the art making – and family portraits – lots of tiny details.

The apron is the corner of an antique handkerchief and the duster is a golf tee with shredded silk for feathers.

tiny things

They even have ancestors.

ant ancestors

ant shoot

More of this please!  I so enjoyed making it and always love collaborating with the super creative Fortuny team – creative director  – Mickey Riad photographed the little scenes beautifully.

You can find the ants in the Interior Design Fall Market issue.

interior design magazine


ann wood : fortuny ants

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  1. Ann, this is super fantastic and so inspiring! Well done, I say, well done!

  2. I read ancestors as “ant-cestors”.

    I really love your ant art pieces, especially the painting in the first image. I can tell how much research went into it. I felt like I had seen it somewhere before, and at the same time, I knew it was an original piece.

  3. maxine lesline

    Reading about and viewing your creativity is a sparkling time of my day… I am in awe of your needle and cloth and paper adventures.. and while I am way too old (90) to imagine augmenting my own creativity.. and the time/energy required.. this blog does inspire me to take up my own needle and small scrappy quilted projects.

  4. That is stunning! You are amazing in both talent and imagination!

  5. That is just lovely. So imaginative. It looks and sounds like you had such fun creating.

  6. Barb Christ

    What a stunning concept and execution. Fantastical! I love the miniature realities you create.

  7. Oh, Ann. I think you have outdone yourself this time. Seriously, is there anything more sublime than combining miniatures with mid-century modern? No, there is not. Just absolutely wonderful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this magical, tiny (and hip) world with us!
    Cheers & Seasons Greetings!

  8. Ann:

    How Cosmopolitan… Nothing but the best will do for these so well-appointed creatures. Can you see any childr-ants in their future?

    I really love them all.

    • Hi Carolyn – Thanks so much – cosmopolitan -THATS the word I was looking for!

      They definitely have a third child in their future……

  9. These are sooo cute! I wish I could see the Fortuny window – but I’m a country gal and avoid the big city, lol. I did tell a friend about it, since she may be visiting her brother there this season. I love this year’s fabrics, and the poses of the ants are just fun! And the furnishings – wow!

  10. Tina Lovejoy

    Cosmopolitants!!! Love these! You are so creative-thanks for sharing.

  11. amazing…love the ant art pieces…what beautiful fabrics to work with !! lovely as always, ann…

  12. How wonderful! Although I’m always fighting the ant colony at home, they really are interesting and industrious creatures. I love your little ants as well as your mosquitoes. You’ve really captured them and made them appealing! Keep your creative juices flowing–we all love and appreciate the time and sharing you give to all your loyal followers.

  13. Ridiculously fantastic!!! Love all of this Ann. The art and antcestors are brilliant! Congrats. What a fun job!

  14. Ann,
    You have outdone yourself with this collection! It’s just amazing and I don’t even like ants! 😉
    I am fascinated with all the details and I keep looking back at the photos to see what I missed before.
    Thank you for always inspiring me.

    Have a very Merry Christmas,

  15. Velia Antila

    What a fabulous collection, the amazing set up and photography. I love your creativity.

  16. The very thing my soul, spirit and EVERYTHING Me requires right now!!!! Spectacular, I love this so much and I’m soooo inspired!

  17. Please say you are going to have patterns for the ants available soon ??

  18. Amazing and stunning collection. These collection will create a strong interior matchup. Thanks for sharing with us.

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