mr. socks : a new sewing pattern!

hello mr. socks!

He’s a mischievous cat….. I’m so happy to share the sewing pattern with you today – you can find it in the shop right here.  mr. socks : sewing pattern

mr. socks takes a stroll

What adventures will your mr. socks have? I’d love to see! You can email photos to me at info at ann wood handmade dot com, share them on flickr or use #annwoodhandmade on instagram.

I get pretty excited when I finish a sewing pattern. They take forever and parts of it are deeply tedious. Usually at some point along the way it feels like it will never be done and I have to swim through a torturous spell.  And then all of a sudden there’s a surge of momentum and it’s done.  I’m going to bask in the glow of completion for a day and then dive in to making another – what do you think it should be?

mr. socks sewing pattern


  1. Liz Van Buren

    Hello Mr. Socks! Been waiting for you – squeeee! So excited!

  2. Cindy Armstrong

    Hooray!!! Love him!
    As for the next pattern-I’m awfully fond of bats. The little fox-faced ones especially.

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