miniature poinsettias – a preview of something new

Miniature fascinates me – we’ve talked about it before. It fascinates and delights me – takes me to that marvelous creative place where time and self-consciousness completely disappear – I can lose myself for hours and hours. I began to create a very particular miniature world, with very particular inhabitants more than a year ago and I can finally show it to you next week. It’s been one of my most favorite projects of all time.

Just lately that little world got ready for the holidays – and of course it needed poinsettias, pink and white poinsettias.

mini paper poinsettias

mini poinsettia

They are made from crepe paper  – I painted it just the right shade of pink. Tip – adding water and rubbing alcohol to acrylic paint makes it penetrate crepe paper much better – you can get clear, bright and translucent color.

There are a couple previews of the recently festivised version of the project below and more to come next week.

mini poinsettia

miniature fortuny shopping bag

PS – The vinegar, citrus, clove cleaner I made is awesome – smells good – and works great. I’m pretty pleased.

PPS – The mr. socks pattern is imminent  – probably tomorrow – just finished up a couple last minute reshoots today – crammed into the one corner of my place where I can get some light on a rainy day.

mr. socks pattern shoot


  1. When my oldest girls were little the American Girl company had miniatures “AG Minis” they were called and we had so much fun making our own little miniatures to add to the little created miniature rooms.

  2. I was delighted to receive this lovely newsletter this morning, having only recently discovered your work through a link on a favourite blog, CozyMadeThings blog. I’m fascinated by miniature things, too… I absolutely LOVE your mini ponsettia! Thank you for cheering up a cold, grey morning here in the UK. xxxxxx

  3. Oooooooh, I can’t wait! I love miniatures, too. Right now I’m making a miniature holiday living room scene in a diorama box that has a plastic window in front (formerly an underwear box). It’s for a gift exchange for my collage group monthly mtg and involves mostly paper construction, using mostly magazine cutouts & a mini bottle brush Christmas tree. So fun.

  4. Ann, your work is wonderful and so creative …love it. I just finished my first little rag doll from your pattern (with the best directions). I’m into miniatures too and am building my first dollshouse. I’m also a bobbin lace maker and trying my hand at miniature lace. Challenging, small, and very interesting. Be well.

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