simple, happy things, progress on the mr. socks pattern and new tiny dolls

I don’t bake anymore- at least not very often – because I can’t control myself around baked goods.  At all.  So I have to limit my exposure.  One of the things I miss about it are the fabulous smells – especially this time of year.  Cloves are a favorite and lately I started simmering cloves in a crock pot – I throw in citrus peels too if I have them.  I tried adding cinnamon – that was a little too much for me.  But the cloves are magnificent – a warm, clean smell –  just enough – and I’m surprised at how much it affects my mood.   It’s such a simple and pretty much free thing that brings me a lot of happiness.

citrus clove cleaner

And if some is good – more is better.  I’m experimenting with homemade clove citrus cleaner.  I Googled recipes and it could not be simpler to make – add white vinegar  and citrus peels to a jar along with optional spices – cloves in my case because of the new clove obsession.

Full disclosure – I don’t know if it works yet.  My jar has been sitting for about a week and I’ll test it out in about another.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Have you tried this?  I clean with vinegar often but hate the smell – so I thought it was worth a shot.  Plus it looks pretty.

Another simple and happy and pretty inexpensive thing that brings me lots of joy  – my plants.  Potted plants and stuff I pick up in the park and plop in water – sprigs of white pine etc.  Most of the potted plants were given to me or found abandoned on the sidewalk in Brooklyn. The one exception is the Norfolk Pine. I spent 30 bucks on it  3 years ago to serve as a christmas tree.  It will again this year too – I give it a shower about every ten days and coffee every once in a while – it loves it.

happy pllants

happy pllants

In other news – the mr. socks pattern is getting close – maybe next week or right after Thanksgiving.  You can sign up here if you’d like and email when the patterns is available.

There are a couple mr. socks prototypes in the shop right now along with several new green shoed tiny ladies.  Also – this is the last time the tiny dolls will be offered at their current price – there is just too much time in the fully wardrobed little dolls so if I do make more there will be a significant price increase.

P. S.  If you’ve been making your own tiny rag dolls from the pattern stay tuned for a winter coat pattern coming soon.

mr. socks

mr socks in a box

fist full o dollies



  1. Oh gosh time flies. I’ve been following longer than I realized as I remember you getting the Pine for a Christmas tree. Yay it’s still going for you!

  2. I’ve been using vinegar to clean with for years…the smell doesn’t last too long, and it is a lot better for the lungs, especially in the bathroom. Since I rarely get sick, it must be killing the germs 🙂

    Love the idea of adding cloves and citrus to the vinegar; and I have the very same problem around baked goods!



  3. Hi, I recently saw some of your tiny birds in Anthropologie. So delicate and beautiful. Such joyful little things.
    The shop had Mister Finch soft sculptures too, so my day was made doubly good.
    Best wishes

  4. i have made my own orange cleaner and it works great…i dilute it with water and a couple drops of dr. bronners castile soap…for wood i use fresh lemon juice and olive oil…amazing results…never have i ever seen my wood furniture look better…love those little dolls, ann.

  5. I love all that you do! I certainly empathize when you say you like sewing early in the day when things are just waking up. Can’t wait for the Mr SOcks pattern to arrive!

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