a new shape on my worktable

I’m working on a new shape, a new creature.  For me this is all about persistence: lots of drafts, prototypes , experiments, failures and adjustments.  So many failures and adjustments – these are just some:



Over the weekend I felt close enough to the shape I was looking for to cleanup the pattern and try one in  good fabric. After a few more pattern refinements and  adjustments  I finished a little  fellow made from beautiful  silvery grey Fortuny fabric tonight and I’m going to photograph him in the morning  – here’s a little shadow preview of him  on an evening stroll through the toadstools.


  1. The shadow picture is so beautiful and so are your works. I am looking for the new creatur… what is he/she look like 😉

  2. Sono incredibili le creature che escono dalle tue mani.
    Hai un notevole talento!!!
    Anna Bello

  3. Zuckersüss, das Schattenbild mit der Maus und den Pilzen… Tolle Arbeit, einmal mehr!

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