a new shape on my worktable

I’m working on a new shape, a new creature.  For me this is all about persistence: lots of drafts, prototypes , experiments, failures and adjustments.  So many failures and adjustments – these are just some:



Over the weekend I felt close enough to the shape I was looking for to cleanup the pattern and try one in  good fabric. After a few more pattern refinements and  adjustments  I finished a little  fellow made from beautiful  silvery grey Fortuny fabric tonight and I’m going to photograph him in the morning  – here’s a little shadow preview of him  on an evening stroll through the toadstools.


  1. this is fascinating, thank you for sharing these peeks into your process.

  2. The shadow picture is so beautiful and so are your works. I am looking for the new creatur… what is he/she look like 😉

  3. Sono incredibili le creature che escono dalle tue mani.
    Hai un notevole talento!!!
    Anna Bello

  4. Zuckersüss, das Schattenbild mit der Maus und den Pilzen… Tolle Arbeit, einmal mehr!

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