map – a beginning

This is the beginning of a map of the territory of my childhood. I’ve begun pretty much in the middle – our little red house with the barns behind, The house across the street and the house next door. The hill behind the house across the street was a forest of huge red pines. The dried amber pine needles carpeted the west facing slope and it glowed in the afternoon. The house next door had a grove of sumac trees behind ( upper right of this map) and past those trees, next to Ginger’s barn, was a depression era dump – a little one. Bottles and jugs, buckets, upholstery springs, ancient roller-skates, piggybanks and broken china – everyday things from a long time ago all rusty and ruined,  waiting to be excavated by curious children. It was my childhood deadhorse bay and one of my favorite places – I’m going to zoom in on that spot for next week.


  1. Love it! You are such an inspiration. :] Keep up the good work. And when you’re done, please publish a little book or calendar so I can buy a copy. :] Have fun!

  2. Judith - Texas

    What a neat idea!!! A map of your childhood neighborhood would surely bring back memories. I once did a drawing of my childhood home and as I was drawing it, images and conversations (in my mind) came forward from every room; especially the kitchen where my Mom prepared our farm grown food. Thanks for sharing your neighborhood.

  3. I just posted the beginning of your map to my Play Memory Maps FB page. I can’t wait to see it finished!

  4. LG, I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to. Not sure if I have ever liked a “project” more. Been up since 5 am and happy about it that I happened on this journey. So exciting! I’m right behind you every step…

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