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a creepy retrospective

the haunted house and other spooky poems

When I was small there was a record I loved. A collection of creepy poems read aloud in creepy voices. I have thought of it often but never expected to hear it again. I did this April. I guess just about everything is on the internet now. I have intense memories of these poems and the sensation of hearing them again is hard to describe. They terrified me as a child and I could not get enough. Now when I hear them I see the old record player, the worn carpet and the dusty, dappled light in the front room of the shady little house. It stirs up all my ghosts.

the haunted house and other spooky poems

If you’d like to hear it’s all there, on youtube. My favorites are The Erlking and Dust. I still love the recording and I wish more of the world could be delivered to me in rhythmically crackling record with old-timey voice format.

Happy Halloween and in honor of the spooky day a creepy retrospective.


spooky cardboard castle

once I loved a spider

dastardly owls


“A woman drew her long black hair out tight
And fiddled whisper music on those strings
And bats with baby faces in the violet light
Whistled, and beat their wings’ – T.S.Eliot

a new shape on my worktable

I’m working on a new shape, a new creature.  For me this is all about persistence: lots of drafts, prototypes , experiments, failures and adjustments.  So many failures and adjustments – these are just some:



Over the weekend I felt close enough to the shape I was looking for to cleanup the pattern and try one in  good fabric. After a few more pattern refinements and  adjustments  I finished a little  fellow made from beautiful  silvery grey Fortuny fabric tonight and I’m going to photograph him in the morning  – here’s a little shadow preview of him  on an evening stroll through the toadstools.

shadow land

This was a wonky little experiment, something I made to entertain myself one evening lat year.   I came across the photo while doing some organizing last night.  Here is a look at the shadow casters:

making shadows