tiny sewing for good mental health

little rag dolls on my work table

There is always something and often someone in my pocket waiting to be stitched. I’d be lost without this sort of thing. When I wander away from it for too long things go badly, when my pace gets too frantic the magic evaporates. It’s the thing that steadies and focuses me, all the tiny sewing. This is a pile of mental health. A little stack of tiny pinafores and nightgowns and satchels and jackets and bloomers.

stack of tiny doll clothes

I’ve been sewing little folks here and there for the past few weeks. I take them with me for the in between times. Some of this little crew is in the shop now and I’ve already started more tiny rag dolls and bloomers and pinafores and tiny satchels to work on over the holidays.

tiny rag doll with satchel


tiny lamb rag doll in pants

Wear them high, wear them proud lamb friend. The lambs in pants crack me up every single time. Something about those little trousers and how happy he seems to be in them…

If you would like to make a lamb he is made from the mr. socks pattern with these modifications.
Or you can come to Vermont and sit by the fire making lambs in pants with me. Pretty cosy right? A few spots (with fancy single rooms) have been added to the Sugar House Retreat. I’ve got other workshop news too – find that right here.



PS – I wish they sold pine bows all year, it is such a magnificent smell.


  1. Maureen Willetts

    Thank you for your inspired Emails. I have your song bird pattern which I made up about 7 times for little gifts. In the New Year I hope to purchase the Owl pattern and start again.
    A very Happy Christmas.

  2. Ann…ah, the inspirations are abounding. I must get started on the pattern I purchased from you recently. All those scraps will turn into wonderful things with the talent of your hands. So sweet and serene. Yes, the little lamb looks quite content in those pants. As if to say “ah, these fit so well.”

    • I started making tiny, simple felt hearts. I’d sew them while I was watching tv after my kids went to bed. Soon had enought to stitch together for a garland! It’s very relaxing – tiny sewing is the bomb.

  3. Oh my, you read my mind..”It’s the thing that steadies and focuses me, all the tiny sewing. This is a pile of mental health. ” All of November and December I sewed tinny mice with Christmas hats..it took away bad thoughts, stress, depression, I am not crazy, or I am not alone 🙂

  4. I made 15 or so embroidered and beaded birds – much simpler than your lovely birds but perfect for me – and gave some away as gifts. It was fun and regenerating after some difficult times. SO I have promised myself some mushroom making time in the dark cold winter days coming up – good for mental health, indeed.


  5. ❤️Your little corner is such an inspiring discovery this NewYear……and, now reading the above comments…..I would be redundant~! (Cat has indeed read *my Mind* also.)
    Yes, MentalHealth is finding SimpleJoys and Company amongst like-minded friends no matter how distant; just knowing you’re there is a comfort.
    Happily looking forward to fresh ideas.

  6. How you been looking for tiny little people to do for many years. But right now I’m in the process of moving and I would love to get your patterns but I’d like you to give me the information where I can get them later on thank you they are very cute

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