the 2022 ornament round-up : little projects for the holidays

Little projects for your tree or an extra on a gift or place setting.  Easy and fun to make and give. This year my tree is a carefully chosen branch. Everything on it is made from my sewing patterns, some from the shop and some from the free pattern library. We’ll talk about that in a minute. 

First let’s check out 5 free projects from the interwebs.


1. These victorian cones are such a classic! You can fill them with treats or treasures. The free DIY is by The design and tutorial  are excellent. They’re super easy and you could sew up a bunch in a day – find the instructions here.

2. Fabric origami poinsettia ornaments –  they’ re quick and clever.

3. 3D ornaments made from hexies! Simple, brilliant and easy. My stick tree needs a couple of these.  Find the DIY at wild Olive. They would also be great as a garland.

4.  Felt ginger bread ornaments – find a little house here and a felt gingerbread man here.

5. A village wreath! The paper houses are super sweet. There are templates for cutting machines or PDF templates you can cut out by hand.  I love the forest village idea. You could also just make make the paper houses for a village or as ornaments.  Find it all at

There are some great holiday ideas in the  stitch club community too, these trees are by Mary C. The pattern is the free scrappy tree pattern and she added the bead detail on the hanging string – perfect!

There are a couple scrappy trees on my branch too. The branch happened by accident – I  stumbled upon an irresistible stick that would make perfect, simple tree just right for the things I made.  And a bunch of tinsel.

A branch in an antique ceramic bottle used as a christmas tree and decorated with simple stitched and paper ornaments

I’ve got one very helpful suggestion if you decide to do a branch tree. Get some glue dots. You can find them in craft stores.  The branch is pretty smooth and the dots keep the ornaments from sliding down. Also tinsel placement was crucial. I’m from the one strand at a time school of thought and I wanted tinsel to hang from the very tips of the branches – impossible without a glue dot.

That decorated stick is bringing me a lot of holiday joy, more than expected.  Let’s talk about the ornaments.  The afore mentioned scrappy trees, the also free sheep ornaments and lucky fish, and the mushroom is the mini size from the mushroom sewing pattern.

The wax paper snowflakes are made from this DIY (so fun and easy to make), the little paper snowflakes were cut by a friend. The star on top is also made from the wax paper ornament tutorial using foil and vintage paper. Find the little felt boat pattern in the shop here.

Thar she blows. I was so happy to see this guy, he’s one of my favorite ornaments and he’s been missing  for a while. Love his lacy spout. He is made from the little whale pattern. And finally the minimalist chicken, find the free pattern here.

Are you making ornaments? Do you have a favorite holiday project? Are you a one strand of tinsel at a time sort of person? Let us know in the comments!

happy and merry to you,



  1. Judy from Fort Worth

    your branch tree is delightful! sending all good wishes your way for Christmas, and always!

  2. Oh the branch looks so beautiful! I remember you shared last year of your Norfolk Pine and it looks like it’s still doing well. I didn’t have as much luck with mine but I’m trying again this year as I do love them so. Thank you for all these wonderful hand made suggestions!

  3. I think your tree looks amazing, love your chest if drawers too!
    Happy Christmas

  4. I think your tree looks amazing, love your chest of drawers too!
    Happy Christmas

  5. Rita Grage

    I would love to visit you and this cozy room, sit and have a cup of tea. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and inspiration for hand stitching. I love using my needle keep I made using your pattern. It is going on 4 years now.
    Blessings for you and your family and Happy New Year.

  6. Definitely a one tinsel at a time. I do not use anymore….Murphy the schnauzer would eat them! I have several of your wonderful pattern booklets and of course your free ones. Just bought the mushroom and hoping to make a few this weekend.
    Love your tree….. I have a small tumble weed that hold handmade birds. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Stephanie VK

    Merry Christmas!! Your little branch tree is delightful!! I too am hand making my ornaments this year. Each one completed seemed to inspire the next one. I have absolutely enjoyed the journey of creativity! Thanks for all you have inspired as well.

  8. Happy Holidays Ann…adore your tree! Last year I made spun cotton mushrooms and of course embellished with glitter…has to have glitter. They were so simple and very addicting. I love seeing my little creations hanging from our garland. Thanks for the free patterns. Love the Xmas tree ornaments. Love all your creations.

  9. Love your tree and all the ideas! I recently made a flock of little black and white hens for a garland for my 3 yo greatniece who loves her chickens. They’re so cute. Thanks for your free patterns and ideas!

  10. Oh the tinsel, it brings back such good memories of putting tinsel on our tree growing up, one strand at a time, it’s a beautiful tree.

  11. Oh, how I love seeing familiar stuff from your previous NYC abode. I’m enduring a rebound case of Covid, so haven’t got my tree up yet, so this cozy scene brings me great comfort. And look how perfectly your branch fits into that lovely jug! Do they even sell tinsel anymore? If I know you, Ann, you probably pack each strand lovingly away to save from one year to the next. As an adult, I’ve always been a single-strand tinsel devotee, but I remember as a kid just glomming it on the tree in clumps & my mom would have a cow. What do kids know about tasteful decorating? Thanks for all the generous links & freebies, and thanks, of course, for just being you. Health, happiness & good cheer to all.

  12. Carolyn Watson

    I love your stick tree! It could be appropriate for any time of year. I grow tired of all the commercial decorations every year and am drawn to the calmness and comfort of the handmade. When we were younger, my sister and me would go home to our farm and spend a week or more before Christmas with my mom and dad. My mother loved hand work and one year we made patchwork tree ornaments with her. It is such a special, joyful memory.
    I look forward to your emails and love all your sweet designs. Joy to you and yours!


    Thank you for all the beauty you share. You are someone special. Warmest wishes to you for the holidays, and beyond.

  14. Wendy Clark

    Thank you Ann for your sweet and lovely patterns and ideas. Merry Christmas from Australia.

  15. Susan Schank

    What a lovely room to have a cup of tea! I ditched the tinsel years ago as the cats ate it. Now I use little plastic icicles that glitter in the lites. I love the whale!

  16. Philomena Hali

    Your generosity is extraordinary and delights me every time your newsletter arrives. I am inspired and joyful with your simple ideas and materials. Merry Christmas Ann, thank you. X

  17. Last year, I sent the grandson a Very Nice Mouse and the granddaughter your fabric bird for their Christmas ornaments.
    They were much appreciated in lieu of toys.
    I also used your free Star Mobile pattern for appliques on a “Star quotation” quilt I made for a
    new family baby.
    Thank your for your creativity and inspiration!

  18. Rosemary B

    Ann, you are always inspiring
    I hope you have a Blessed Christmas

  19. Just proves you don’t have to do a lot to make a room feel like Christmas. I love your little branch tree and all your ornaments. I have made a lot of things for Christmas this year and cannot wait to give the gifts to those I love. Merry Christmas and a very Happy and industrious New Year to you!

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