star folk and crate and barrel ornaments

I’m shooting pattern steps for some sweet little star folk – there are five stars with different expressions and a sleepy moon. They can be ornaments, a garland, a twinkly mobile or someone could be an adorable meteor shower for halloween.  It’s a quick and easy project – look for the pattern early next week.

starfolk ornaments

shooting star

And in other ornament news – I know it’s early – but in 2013 and 14 I tried to wait until what felt like a festive and civilized time to mention my Crate and Barrel ornaments and they were sold out before I told you about them.  So I’m not taking any chances. You can find the sleepy goats and lambs and baking mice online now and they should be in stores by the end of the month.  I’m pretty excited about them.

sleepy goat and lamb ornaments

baking mice ornaments


  1. Ann,
    Are those your ornaments, as well, on page 61 of the latest Company Store catalog?
    Or are they pirated? For there’s a snowy owl and a penguin made with faux vintage bits,
    in shapes and stances so much Ann Wood-like.
    I so hope it’s not the infamous one at it again!


  2. I went ahead and ordered these cute, cute ornaments before they sold out. I am so glad that they are made in India.

    It’s a wonderful design. Thank you.

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