my big creative year : doll – part 1

Historically,  I’ve gotten hugely annoyed when described as a doll maker. Nothing against dolls – I love them so much – in all their forms – and there are so many incredible doll makers I admire. But still, I have felt resistance about creating anything that could very officially be called a doll.  I told myself – it just isn’t what I do.  Except it keeps coming up….   So I decided to make a doll.  And ran right into a bunch of nuttiness and resistance – all the usual suspects:

  •  I had a million ideas – I wanted to make LOTS of dolls – it felt impossible to choose where to begin – I was overwhelmed.
  •  I got all weird about what people might think.
  •  I wanted to make the best and most perfect doll ever – right out of the gate.

I stayed stuck and thinking for quite a while and then got past that the only way there is –  by starting. By taking a small action – gathering supplies.  Sorting through boxes and boxes of old garments and fabric with doll in mind made me see all sorts of new possibilities and qualities in things I’ve looked at a hundred times before. I got a lot of momentum from that exercise and started drawing, drafting and experimenting – in that good place of letting something evolve. You can see the very beginnings  of  the thinking, experimenting, drafting and refining process – my wonky first steps – below.

doll drafting

Stay tuned for doll #1.



  1. I think you tackle it like you tackle anything : by trial and error 😉
    And learning EVERY step of the way !
    Great to see this and … good luck !

    • Thanks Els! Yup – dive in and star making mistakes – I always feel better when I get moving.

  2. This is hugely inspiring, Ann. You’ve got to start somewhere, & start, you did! I love your transparency about the creative process; it’s refreshing to know we all go through it, & it happens with any new venture. Can’t wait to see doll #1.

  3. I love making dolls..yet I rarely do…and it’s all about the too many ideas throwing around in my head! So thanks for the encouragement, and I’m excited to see your completed doll – she’s pretty with just a head!

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