sri and the spider system

I had a lovely time this morning with coffee, chet atkins and a big box of Japanese textiles. Stephen Szczepanek of Sri sent over another  surprise box of wonderful things.

japanese textile fragments

When stuff like this shows up I can’t think fast enough or sew fast enough. Thank you Stephen!!

sri fragments 2

And the beginning of the new spider system .   Spiders take me forever to make and that’s mostly fine, I like making spiders, but it isn’t practical.   As I make more I get better at it  and  things begin occur to me that speed up the process;  having the wire cut to length for each part makes a big difference and next I need to make  jigs for forming the leg shapes . I’ll probably need help with that.

spider leg wire

I’ll show you more highlights from the Sri box  later and maybe some new things in progress – I’m finishing some things over the weekend that will be in the shop early next week – some spiders, an owl or two and some little birds, if you would like to be notified when the new things are available please check back here or join the mailing list at my shop.
*p.s. -I’ll also be spending some time this weekend getting caught up on email and if you’re waiting to hear back from me  thanks for your patience*


  1. what a great combination — chet atkins and Japanese textiles! And, the wires in those little glass jars make a nice display.

  2. Always amazing….this post just stopped me cold from ‘cleaning’ out my sewing room…all the treasures I was gonna toss!

    Thank you!

  3. Lucky you! I love Sri.
    The fabric scraps hanging like little banners in the first picture definitely caught my attention. Curious to see the spiders “in progress”.

  4. I am looking forward to more spiders! I think Ann’s are the only type I like and might cure my phobia of them.

  5. I think that opening a box of textiles from Sri Threads would be like opening a box with little bit of heaven tucked inside. Your process and creativity always intrigues and impresses me.

  6. Hey Ann, love your blog, your work and all..
    was wondering if you’d mind sharing what kind of wire you use for those spiders and/or mobiles? I’ve been working on some hanging “sculptures” with fiber but the wire I use seems to be to “soft” to hold its shape or weight.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot, and for all the great postings..

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