dark owl progress

dark owl

I was  sitting by a window working on an owl on Sunday- a new dark owl ( made from a variety of 19th century garments and the backing of an old quilt) and I heard an unmistakable sound outside, the clippity clop of a horse going by. I almost didn’t look because it’s never happened before and I thought I was imagining it.

clippity clop

I love horses and grew up with a big Shetland pony named Ginger.

ginger1969That’s me and my stylish father and Ginger in 1970. We were building bird houses. I was 4 and I  remember the day distinctly.  Ginger was an interesting character – he had very definite ideas about things. He lives on a beautiful farm for old horses now.


  1. Thats amazing and pretty cool. I grew up in the area your in now and trying to figure out where the horse and carriage came from. The park perhaps? I do they have stalls? Im probably over thinking this, it’s such an oddity. Wonderful!

  2. The view from your window looks very similar to the view from my window …
    I love that you can already see the beginning of an expression and a personality on the black owl, and even though not intentional, the composition of your black & white pic is just perfect.

  3. Elizabeth Noone

    Are you able to visit the pony at the retired pony farm?

  4. It makes life interesting, those little moments. I love the composition of your picture with your horse. It reminds me old paintings of holly subjects – the 3 looks triangle.

  5. an unexpected horse passing your home will bring you many auspicious days.

    I totally dig that your very stylish father is holding a bird house. Somehow that seems just right.

  6. What a wonderful photo – you and your father. I used to ride Shetland Ponies when I was wee (In Scotland) – very tough willed big personalities!

  7. Catherine Wood

    I must have been napping while you were building the bird houses. I heard that Ginger has pretty luxurious accomodations at the retired pony farm.

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