1. I’m always amazed at what you do…and even to’ there’s a bit of a dark side, your owls make me smile, they’re so baaaad!


    PS. I first saw the Spore Project on your blog and we now have just one paper bag mushroom in the front yard. It’s held up under torrential rains and people walking past often stop and check it out. What a cool idea!

  2. Love the spider. It looks like it is interested in you… looking in your eyes… I love the way you use laces in your work. It is much more than decoration, you really use the pattern and texture and that is great.

  3. Every one you make, be it owl, bird, or spider, has such personality in their face. Just look at that spider, above, I feel like she is looking directly at me. Great job.

  4. Such unique creations and such an utterly interesting blog. So glad I discovered you!

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